Gulf Formula PCX 5W-30 4 Litre

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Advanced high-performance passenger car motor oil

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Advanced high-performance passenger car motor oil formulated from synthetic base stocks and state-of-the-art additive technology to provide fuel savings apart from maintaining the efficiency and help extending the life of emission reduction systems. 
  • Mid SAPS (Sulphated Ash Phosphorus Sulphur) oil formulation helps prolong the life and maintain the efficiency of DPF and TWC.
  • Outstanding thermo-oxidative stability resists oil degradation and thus facilitates extended oil change intervals
  • Active cleaning agents reduce deposits & sludge and keep engine clean.
  • Enhanced frictional properties provide improved fuel economy (ACEA C2) compared to mineral engine oils.
  • Excellent antiwear properties lead to superior wear protection
  • Exceptional Stay-in-Grade performance ensures reliable lubrication even at higher loads & operating temperatures
  • Outstanding low temperature fluidity aids quick cold start and provides wear protection at start-up


  • Modern gasoline and diesel passenger cars, SUVs, light vans & trucks meeting Euro 6 & prior
    emission norms requiring API SP or ACEA C2/C3 quality oils
  • All gasoline and diesel engines in Mercedes Benz passenger vehicles meeting Euro 6 & prior
    emission norms and requiring oils meeting MB 229.31/ 229.51/ 229.52
  • Synthetic

4 Litre