Texaco Ultra 5W-40 Oil 1 Litre

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Texaco Ultra 5W-40 Oil 1 Litre is a super high performance shear stable engine lubricant formulated with non-conventional base stocks and next-generation additive systems.
  •  Delivers excellent long-service engine protection to naturally aspirated and turbocharged gasoline passenger car engines and light duty diesel power units
  • This advanced lubricant is highly durable across the extremes of ambient and operational temperatures, maximising engine wear and corrosion protection in severe operating conditions, and offering optimum environmental protection through low level exhaust emissions
  • Delivers complete cold start protection rapidly circulating through the engine, and delivering oil film protection to vulnerable, isolated engine components, maximising engine service life
  • ACEA A3/B4-04 (includes A3/B3-04)
  • API SL / CF (licensable)

1 Litre