Gulf Formula GVX 5W-30 1 Litre

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Excellent antiwear property protects against engine wear

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Gulf Formula GVX 5W-30 is the latest low emission synthetic engine oil exclusively developed to meet the requirements of the entire range of passenger cars of Volkswagen running on Ultra low Sulphur fuel.
  • Low Ash content reduces particulate build-up in DPFs and helps in extending the regeneration intervals
  • Latest mid SAPS additive technology reduces poisoning and degradation of catalyst and prolongs life of after treatment devices
  • Outstanding thermo-oxidative stability reduces deposits & sludge build-up and facilitates extended oil life
  • Exceptional low temperature fluidity aids cold start and protects against wear at start-up
  • Excellent antiwear property protects against engine wear and facilitates extended engine life


  • ACEA C3
  • BMW Longlife-04
  • VW 504.00 / 507.00
  • Porsche C30
  • Mercedes Benz 229.51
  • Synthetic

1 Litre